Growth Hacking with Facebook and Youtube for buisness or campaigns

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Growth Hacking: Growth Hacking: combining creativity, technology, and marketing to create growth with very little money. From the post about scraping emails you guys know I have a IT background. People rent me as a consultant sometimes. A few week a ago a guy came […]

Chris Weidman’s use of the “Can Opener” and Anderson Silva at UFC 168

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Grappling in MMA Chris Weidman used a technique call the “Can Opener” to brilliantly defeat the guard of Anderson Silva at UFC 168. The can opener is a Cervical Compression which can lead to submission but is mostly used to cause your opponent to open […]

Thoughts For New Years Eve : 2013

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Thoughts for New Years Eve: 2013 This is a quote from an article I wrote that will be published Today. It is not about grappling but I had grappling in my heart when I wrote it. “Man became alive when he became self-aware. Man is […]

Anderson Silva Leg Break

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Anderson Silva suffered a tragic leg break in the second round. Anderson was hoping to regain the title he had lost to Wiedman earlier. The leg break occurred as Silva attempted a leg kick. Wiedman check the kick with his knee. This is considered a […]