Growth Hacking with Facebook and Youtube for buisness or campaigns

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Growth Hacking:

Growth Hacking: combining creativity, technology, and marketing to create growth with very little money.

From the post about scraping emails you guys know I have a IT background. People rent me as a consultant sometimes. A few week a ago a guy came to me with a problem of moving several hundred thousand dollars in old inventory. He has never sold online. He wanted my opinion on what was the best way to use Facebook and Ebay. I made this video as a quick demonstrate to seal the deal. I didn’t have any products to sell so I decided to make the advertisements in my YouTube videos the products I was selling. I developed my own growth hacking techniques. This video demonstrates how to Growth Hack Facebook and Youtube.

***This method stays ahead of the next generation Search Engine Software to insure that you will index well as Seach Engine Optimization takes that next big leap.  David Dennis




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