Thoughts For New Years Eve : 2013

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Thoughts for New Years Eve: 2013

This is a quote from an article I wrote that will be published Today. It is not about grappling but I had grappling in my heart when I wrote it.

“Man became alive when he became self-aware. Man is the only creation we know of that is aware of its own individual existence and will make changes to its actions to help its continued existence. In nature the more aware an animal is of its surroundings the more likely it is to survive. Man has the ultimate sense of self-awareness; he is aware of himself. The question now is whether man will act to further the existence of the one or act to benefit the Human Race.”

I think the different styles of grappling are becoming more self aware. Gi Jui-Jitsu is now looked at as being different than No-gi. People are starting to realize No-Gi is greatly different then MMA grappling, and lastly MMA is becoming aware that self-defense is more complicated than two men on a padded mat with someone to stop the fight. The question now becomes whether the grappling arts will pull together to grow grappling or will they try to compete with each other so that their individual identities survive at all cost. ~David Dennis




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